About Me

Hi, I’m Fiona! I’m a wife, mother, friend, teacher and photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

I’m so glad you stumbled across my blog and I’m pleased to meet you! I’m a passionate person and I look forward to sharing some of my passions with you.

I love sharing my God Stories. As a teacher, I’ve been blessed to teach in schools where sharing my faith with my students is encouraged. Over the years, as my relationship with God has deepened, I have become more and more confident and passionate about sharing the things God has been doing in my life with my students. In fact, I feel the most fulfilled when I’m sharing a ‘God Story’ with my students. I laugh and often tell people that if I could just teach Bible all day, every day, I would be in Heaven!!

For the past few years, God has taken me on an incredible journey. I’ve had to trust Him like never before; thankfully I have a husband (and two beautiful daughters) who allow me to take ‘God-risks’. In this blog I look forward to sharing some of these seasons with you. My hope is that they will encourage you to take your own ‘risks’ for Him.

I honestly don’t know what my life would be like if I didn’t have Jesus. I hope that the stories He prompts me to share on my blog will inspire you in your own walk with Him. He is faithful and your biggest supporter and He knows exactly what He has in store for you too! Trust Him, follow Him, and your life will be an awesome adventure!!!


Fiona xx